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luxury limo rental

Your wedding is going to be one of the more expensive events in your life, so you’ll surely want to get your complete money’s worth. Take, for example, the luxury limo rental that will be transporting you to the wedding venue; for the price you’re paying for its full-day service to you, it should be able to do more than simply get you to where you’ll be saying “I do.”

To get the most out of this special provision for your big day, here are four classy wedding ideas worth considering including luxury limo rental.

  1. Before the hour of the wedding, get your entourage on board and take the scenic route so you can make stops for photos. This will bring a new meaning to “the road to the altar.” Bring a professional photographer with you or just rely on your iPhones for selfies and group photos at beautiful places along the way to the final destination. This is a creative and quick way to document the pre-wedding shenanigans (because all of you can share images on social media).
  2. Deck out the stretch limo, especially if you intend to ride to the wedding venue with your bridesmaids. Stock up on some wine (to calm your nerves down) and a few munchies (to tide you all over), and board games (if you think there’ll be a lot of waiting in the car involved for the day), and create a wedding party jam list to play for the road party to your final destination.
  3. Treat it like the photo buses which are so popular nowadays. If you’re all for everybody having a grand time, let guests take photos by the wedding car, so find a really nice location for it. Don’t stop there — spend time coming up with the perfect design for the limo. You may want to add flowers to it, silk ribbons, signs, and a bunch of other decorative elements to make it even more compatible with the occasion.
  4. Come up with a large variety of photo concepts that include the limo. Take ideas from Instagram and Pinterest — those sites have a multitude of inspirations for couples preparing for the big day. Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to take as many pictures as you want, especially with the fancy stuff that you’ve incorporated into the day. After all, it’s not like you’ll be purchasing a limo later on in life as a family car.