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types Of Limos - Vintage Dreams Hollister, CA

When planning events and how to get there limos can’t be beaten. However consider what type of limos are right for you and your event. Clearly a classic stretch limo wouldn’t be right for a family trip. Things to consider are: what kind of event are you going to? How far is the drive? Is the amount of people going to work? Vintage Dreams has heard these questions before and we’ve created this guide to show what types of limos are right for you.

Types of Limos to consider:

SUV Limo:

The SUV types of limos are perfect of large groups of people looking to have a good time. Family vacations, get together events, large scale business meetings, and over course weddings and proms can all be handled by SUV style limos. The ample space and variety of features like TV’s, music players, and full-stocked mini-bars makes them the top of the line limo for long distance comfort.

Stretch Limo:

Far and wide the most popular of limo types, loved by younger prom goers as well as older audiences in weddings or business meetings. The classic stretch limo comes equipped with a mini bar setup in most models as well as a smooth ride great for both short trips around the town or longer travels to events and celebrations.

Hummer Limo:

A masculine limo too be sure, this limo type just screams wealth, robust, man. Just as spacious as the SUV limo but with more accommodations, features can include champagne bars, poker tables, video game slots and more. A prime choice for a bachelor party sure to make any groomsman the best man. The total package of style, substance, and comfort means Hummer limo types certainly turn heads.

Party Bus Limo:

If having a fantastic night out on the town is the goal, a party bus limo type is the way to go. Keeping all of the luxury and comfort seen in other limos the party bus can even continue the great times in the vehicle. With a capacity up to 40 people the party bus is amazing at propelling any bachelorette party, wedding entourage, or prom group to the heights of fun.

Choosing a limo for any event is worth researching and experiencing to ensure that the guests involved have the time of their lives. For limo renting services you can depend on click here to experience the Vintage Dreams Rolls Royce Service first hand.