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Summer Weddings - Vintage Dreams Rolls-Royce Hollister, CA

Summer Weddings – Getting married is always a wondrous affair, no matter the season, but something has to be said about summer weddings and why so many couples are eager to have one.

There are just so many benefits to tying the knot in the warm season. To begin with, you are not limited to the usual indoor venues. You and your guests can enjoy the good weather as you celebrate in a park, garden, lawn, backyard, etc. You’ll also appreciate the space to mingle and the option to be surrounded by natural beauty. Kids are also less distracting outdoors.

If you feel that outdoor weddings aren’t quite as elegant as indoor ones, let’s disabuse you of this notion. While outdoor venues and the warmth of summer soften that expected stiffness in a formal event, they are still capable of lending grace and classic style to the occasion.

If you want elegance, here are some ideas for making sure that your Summer Weddings gives you that:

  • Food – While it’s generally true that wedding receptions in the cold season tend to offer heavier, more expensive fare (often a full, sit-down meal as opposed to the simpler food buffet that is popular in summer weddings), your own reception can still achieve culinary panache with tasteful and tasty gourmet salads, canapes, desserts, and other finger foods. People tend to eat lighter in the summer so nobody should have an issue with it, but they’ll be sure to notice flavors and presentation.
  • Color palette – Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that you have to do bright and gaudy shades. You still want your color motif to complement the season in a refined way and you can achieve that with a warm but muted palette, such as barely blush, gold, teal or aqua, and ivory.
  • Flowers – Those who get married in the cold seasons also get to enjoy flowers like lilies, carnations, and daisies, but they’re usually more expensive and sourced from some far-off place. Having an abundance of choices when it comes to flowers is definitely an advantage of getting married in the summer. Make sure to find a florist who is a whiz at making romantic and elegant arrangements.
  • Vintage appeal – Many couples these days want to lend a vintage feel to their special day. It resonates with the sense of tradition and promise of lifelong love, hence the popularity of vintage wedding dresses and luxury rentals of classic limousines. You really can’t get any more elegant than arriving in a vintage Rolls-Royce.

“While it’s not really about the season, you’ve definitely made a solid choice by opting for Summer Weddings. You can have the elegant event of your dreams while enjoying all the perks of awesome weather.”

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