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Wedding Dress - Vintage Dreams Hollister CA

The popularity of “Say Yes to the Dress” has definitely allowed countless women to peek into the often stressful process of shopping for that perfect wedding dress. The whole thing’s not scripted; wedding dress shopping can really be quite a dramatic experience.

But the really cool thing about this reality TV show is that if you’re a bride-to-be and you need some tips for your own wedding dress shopping trip, the show offers a bounty of helpful ones that you can use so that your own visit to the bridal boutique can be less dramatic than that of the clients featured on the show. A few of these tips have been gathered below.

Make sure that you have a complete understanding of your body. That will help guide the consultants at the boutique in providing the dress styles that would be most flattering on you.

  1. Always come to the bridal shop with a single design in mind, or even a few designs that you’re interested in. Knowing what you really want can expedite the process of sifting through several dresses because you can really narrow down the choices. If the designs you prefer don’t actually feel like “the one,” however, be open-minded about the assessment and recommendations of the consultant.
  2. Wear clothes that you can easily get out of. That’s because when you’re going to be trying on different dresses, you certainly will be taking them off and putting them back on several times. Most women say them come in a jersey T-shirt dress and go through their fitting very quickly.
  3. For fittings, wear great underwear. Just do.
  4. Always tell your wedding consultant where you’re getting married. That’s because you can trust him or her to know what material and cuts will work just right with the conditions of your wedding venue.
  5. Bring your own consultants—but don’t bring too many of them, because too many cooks can spoil the broth. When you’re trying on wedding dresses, you need a group of people that can remain logical and objective throughout the whole process to help you. The already pressure-filled experience can become unbearable if you have people with you who make it about what they want and not what you want; you don’t need this drama.
  6. And the last tip: Always tell your consultant what you intend to do while wearing the dress. Will you be dancing, walking on sand, climbing or going down the stairs, getting into a sports car, et cetera? When you provide these bits of information, you make sure that your consultant can be the biggest help in ensuring that you end up with the perfect dress.