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corporate holiday party

A corporate holiday party is a great way to show your appreciation for your staff’s hard work and dedication. Furthermore, these parties offer a few other benefits, including improved morale, teamwork and loyalty.

And when you are trying to properly recognize your staff’s effort, you would like to go beyond simple tokens of appreciation. But on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to blow your budget for the year-end party. Here’s how you can find a happy medium between the two.

Involve your team
Instead of deciding this year’s office party theme, venue and other crucial details, it would be beneficial to ask what your employees actually want. For one, this will make them feel valued and empowered. Second, this will give them a sense of ownership and feel that they are important to the organization.

Let them vote on a few important matters like the theme, venue and the type of food to serve. You can also let them be responsible for certain tasks.

Choose a theme
One way to make your party more interesting for your employees is to have a special theme for it. Your employees can put on special costumes and you can give special prizes for those who made the extra effort to stand out.

Again, let your staff be involved in picking a theme for the party. However, do avoid picking ones that may make some of your employees uncomfortable. Stick with neutral themes.

A little healthy competition wouldn’t hurt
Parties are a great way to bring every member of the organization together. For holiday parties, your goal is for everyone to share in the upbeat mood after tackling the challenges of the past year, including the introverts.

One great way to entice your shy employees to open up a bit is to encourage everyone to play competitive games. These do not have to be elaborate or costly. Perhaps, one of your staff members can bring a video game console or a board game. On the part of the business owners, they can up the stakes by offering prizes like gift cards.

limo RentalBring in local talents
If you can afford it, you should consider hiring local entertainers, like comedians or improv groups. These talents can spice up your party and even help in team building.

Ride in style
If you have chosen an outside venue for the party, consider renting a limo that will ferry your staff from a meeting place to the event venue. Limo rental is a cost-effective way to make your staff special and appreciated.